Kerala Thanking the World

It was a long week and a heartbroken moment for the people of Kerala due to the heavy rainfall and catastrophic flood throughout Kerala. Many have died and much more have to relocate to other safe places for shelter, food and other basic amenities.

During the peek time of flood, social media played its part of communication throughout Kerala and around the world as it was the only means of staying in touch with what’s happening in Kerala. It was active as there was no electricity and no newspaper in the affected areas and watching news was not possible.

People were charging their phones using car batteries and other sources just to stay in touch and connected. They shared Facebook post’s as the message needed to be reached to more people. They forwarded WhatsApp messages as it was important that their relatives and friends knew what was happening in Kerala. WhatsApp calls were made as normal calls were not going through.

The moment flood got serious, things got harder and the people were having a difficult time as they were running out of food, water and other basic resources. Many were trapped in their own houses, confused on what to do and how to reach out for help.

Immediately many colleges, schools and halls got converted into collection units and camps for fast recovery and for providing help to the victims. Many have stood up to volunteer for the cause, especially the youth of Kerala and few celebrities who took it in their hands the responsibility to take part in helping Kerala.

Celebrities like Tovino Thomas gave away their homes and seeked help to his fan followers through live videos in social media. Through his videos he informed the basic needs of the victims and how the people could pitch in. Actors like Nandu stayed day in day out in collection units managing the relief materials and transferring it to many other camps. And many others like them who did various things they could to help Kerala.

A lot of malayalies and people all over India and world started their own fund and relief material collection drives for helping the victims and providing it to the people of Kerala.

Here the SpotBay team also did its part in helping Kerala. We bought medicines such as paracetamol, cough syrups, vicks and biscuits in bulk and provided it to Government Womens College Trivandrum Collection Unit. The team also volunteered in the collection unit along with lot of youngsters in and around Trivandrum.

There were lots of incoming materials coming from people all over Trivandrum to that particular unit. Materials such as biscuits, bisleri bottles, medicines, rice, clothes, baby food, tooth brush, paste etc. We would collect them, classify them and pack them separately. These packed items are then loaded into trucks which further goes to different relief camps across Kerala.

Our team is continuously doing our best for the last three days and will do in days to come. We have also done Facebook campaigns and live videos in spreading the word for help. We also collected relief materials from people around Trivandrum and reached them to collection units.

We have been also getting money from a lot of our Non-Kerala friends, which we used to buy relief materials as per the daily requirements of units and contributed a part of the money to the Chief Minister Relief Fund. Every day we gave our time and resources as per the needs of Kerala, as we believe it is our state and its our duty to help the people of Kerala in times such as this.

SpotBay will always be there in future for any such assistance, not just for Kerala but also for this nation and around the world in solving problems of people and life.

Today, SpotBay takes this opportunity to thank all the people who took and still taking efforts in helping Kerala by volunteering and donating. We thank all celebrities in playing their parts in every way they could. We thank the Indian Army and Government for their efforts and nations like UAE for contributing to rebuild Kerala.

And Kerala will never forget the people who got together in times such as this, to Unite as one, to Lift the people and Push Kerala Forward.


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