Garam Masala’s endeavour with SpotPlay

How SpotPlay changed the way Garam Masala did its restaurant Business and how it can impact any restaurant by making their business simple and smart.

It all started with Siddiq and his dream to start a restaurant business at the heart of Trivandrum city at Pattom. Alongside his hard work and enthusiasm, his belief to provide the best of taste and service than any other restaurant in the city is what made Garam Masala one of the favourite hangout places in Trivandrum today. Thanks to him we have Garam Masala.

When one enters the restaurant, we are welcomed by its magnificent ambience and pleasant aroma of the spicy treats that they offer. The cuisine being North and South Indian food, attracts a lot of customers from in and around Pattom. The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes and all the products are fresh and have the warmth of home-made food.

Yet like many restaurants they also felt many obstacles and stressful problems. Even though they have the best Menu, Service and Staff they were lacking insights on how to increase their customer market share and how to collect information about their existing Customers.  These are few, but the list adds on and on. A Common problem that most restaurants face today all over the city and even around the country.

That’s when Siddiq the owner of the restaurant met the SpotBay Team. A company based in Technopark, Trivandrum. After discussing the complications faced by Garam Masala Restaurant, the team offered a quick fix by introducing a digital solution which was named afterwards SpotPlay. A product that the company is building now, along with other add-ons which could benefit any restaurant in India.

What SpotPlay did to Garam Masala was quite simple, they kept QR codes all over the restaurant. Using a simple QR code for the customers, which did the magic of solving the complicated problems of the restaurant owner. Increasing Customers for the restaurant and collecting information about them became effective and simple using SpotPlay.

What is SpotPlay?  It’s a contest platform which help in attracting, entertaining and retaining customers via interactive contests.

QR codes designed are placed all over the restaurant such as walls, tables and counters. The moment people come in to serve their hunger, they see these QR codes or while waiting for the food, when they look at these QR codes. The first thing their wandering minds do is to take out their phone to experiment the technology in front.

After scanning the QR code using a phone, a web page is directed with a ‘play’ option. The moment one clicks on the ‘play’, a quiz starts and questions start flowing with multiple answers. After the quiz, results are displayed and then one has to register or login to redeem the offers set by the restaurant. They are also allowed to share with their friends on social media the score obtained and the fun they had experienced.

With almost a half billion Indians now using smartphones, this could be a game changing idea for any restaurant business to evolve and could be developed further by adding more features to attract customers.

In the Garam Masala Restaurant there were instances where the users had been obliviously playing with the SpotPlay platform even though the food ordered had been delivered to their table. A moment of success could be seen and felt by an idea developed over a talk, thanks to the developers of SpotPlay for innovating a product for a niche market like this.

This has not only helped Garam Masala to gain customers and their information, but also engaged them in an interactive Quiz Contest which was fun, interesting and knowledgeable otherwise would have been boring, such as the waiting, for the food they ordered.

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  1. Simple yet amazing concept to improve customer satisfaction and building customer base at the same time.. keep it up!!

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