Contest- A Unique Marketing Technique

How the emerging digital platform for Online Contest being a hit for businesses such as restaurants, parlours and shops.

Marketing has transformed the way we do business now and is changing fast as new ideas and technologies have come up. It has become an important aspect of any business or self for promoting anything one wants to sell.

We could see marketing ideas flying, from the person stitching a shoe by the road to the fortune companies building business with their creative minds. It’s now a whole new way of marketing than the ways we used to do in the beginning of time.

If we go way past our time, the marketing used to be the word of mouth. People spreading news over a talk about the then products and services. Then came the print and telephone and as time passed further, television and radio came. Advertisements became easier, making marketing much simpler and faster, connecting more people.

Then the age of the Internet and email came up, bringing vast other possible opportunities to marketing through digital and social media’s. And further as time passed marketing techniques and strategies varied over new technologies and trends.

Marketing in the 21st century is very much different from the past practices as we have vast technologies and mediums to communicate through and choose from. Few of the marketing techniques we use today are as follows:

● Social Media
● Sales Calls
● Advertisements
● Flyers and Posters
● Product Demonstrations
● Product Trials and Samples

These are few of the ways businesses do marketing today. To know more about how to attract customers to your shop click here.

Other than these a new way of marketing is through “Contest Marketing”. Contest is an event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport or other activity and using it as a marketing technique is a trend nowadays as people want to Play, Compete and Win. A lot of people participate in these kind of promotions as there are attractive prices involved and the excitement of winning is just an another level of fun.

Just like the saying “Tans will fade but memories last forever”, contest create memories and emotions which are connected deep in our hearts and people recall them in the long run. And as a result connecting it to the brand. There are lot of benefits in contest marketing few of them are as follows:

1. Attracting lot of followers.
Contests are held to promote a cause or an event and lot of people participate in it. The excitement they have while participating contests are shared among their friends and relatives. As a result the message is shared among a huge chunk of people in other words they being followers of the cause spreading the news further.

2. Engaging and Entertaining.
The people participating in any contest, experience a unique way of excitement. They are attracted to its fun and play repeatedly, allowing them to indulge and engage in their time in these contests and turning it as mode of entertainment.

3. Collecting User Data.
There are different types of contests it could be a physical or a digital contest. In any case people have to register through pen and paper or through the online medium. By the use of registering, the contact information of the contest participants are obtained.

4. Customers marketing for you.
Once people come to know about contests, they participate and when they participate, the get connected to the contest. They play and try winning and share their score via internet through social media. They also inform friends and relatives about the contest either to compete or share their experience. And indirectly they do marketing for the hosts.

5. Brand Exposure
When you have a lot of participation and followers. When you have a lot of people spreading and sharing their experiences through word of mouth or social media. When there is lot of people involved. Brand exposure takes effect on its own.

“NearBy” One such Contest Platform

A specific online contest platform that is becoming trending in Trivandrum is the “NearBy” Contest conducted by SpotBay. It is basically a contest aired for a particular location. People all over that location who has access to their application will play the contests (a quiz) and the ones who win are directed to different enterprises such as hotels and restaurants to redeem the offer.

Over the resent months they have aired a lot of contests. Among them are the FIFA5000 and ATM@8PM which were a huge success. FIFA5000 was conducted during the FIFA World Cup with a FIFA theme based questions and prize money of Rs 5000 and t-shirt for runner ups along with certificates.

And ATM@8PM was conducted at 8PM, 3 days a week for a month with general questions with a Rs 500 cash price for all the winners. NearBy contests were also aired at Magic Planet providing free tickets for the winners.

Every business should indulge in such contest marketing campaigns to boost their footfalls and especially small businesses such as restaurants, parlours and shopping marts etc. by airing NearBy contests and offering prizes and attracting customers and increasing brand exposure.

Winners of FIFA5000:


Winners of ATM@8PM : 

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